BMW M3 GTS eargasm

Here’s a video from Gumbal, who recently captured a pair of BMW M3 GTS models tearing around the Nurburgring.

The limited edition M3 GTS develops 331 kW (444 hp) and 439 Nm of torque from its 4.4-litre eight-cylinder powerplant which is based on the 4.0-litre engine found in the regular M3. BMW also managed to shed 13.6 kg of weight from the car.

Priced at an eye-watering €115,000 when new, just 250 units of the track-focused machines were manufactured in 2010. It’s rare enough to see one in the flesh, so spotting a pair of them together is as probable as stumbling across a Jay Leno video where he isn’t wearing a blue shirt.

These examples also benefit from the fitment of a throaty Akrapovic exhaust system.

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