MTM Audi A6 3.0 BiTDI

Wettstetten-based tuning specialist MTM has revealed its new program for Audi’s A6 3.0 BiTDI model.

The company offers two options for the twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre diesel engine, which produces 230 kW (309 hp) and 650 Nm of torque in standard form, both involving optimization of the ECU software. €1,700 gets you 272 kW (365 hp) and 760 Nm, but for just another €100 those figures rise to 284 kW (381 hp) and 780 Nm. Brake upgrades include a €4,900 upgrade kit consisting of 380 x 34 mm discs, stainless steel lines and eight-piston brake calipers, or the larger 405 x 36 mm versions, for €6,400, which require a minimum size of 20-inch wheels.

Aesthetically, MTM offers a variety of alloy wheels, including the 9 x 20-inch Bimoto items pictured here, priced at € 5,230, while the F-Cantronic ECU (€ 1,740) for air suspension allows a drop of up to 25 mm.

[Source: MTM Online]

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