DMC Murcielago LP 700 M-GT

Düsseldorf-based tuning specialist DMC has released details of its LP 700 M-GT program for Lamborghini’s Murcielago.

Visually, this superannuated supercar wears the carbon fibre M-GT aero package, which consists of an aggressive front bumper with optimized ducting, rear bumper with integrated diffuser and a newly-developed rear wing, while inside, there’s a full leather re-trim and carbon fibre elements.

Thanks to its new Performance Unit in Zurich Switzerland, DMC can now provide engine tuning options. The conversion sees DMC remove the factory intake system before replacing it with 12 individual intake throttle plates – one per each cylinder. Uprated injector nozzles, fuel pumps, lines were also fitted, along with a new crankshaft, remapped ECU and stainless steel exhaust system, resulting in a pleasurable 522 kW (700 hp).

The package is available from the original 426 kW (580 hp) model right up to the hairy LP 670-4 SuperVeloce.

[Source: DMC]

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