Dutter Racing Audi 90 quattro

Dutter Racing Audi 90 quattro
Here’s a couple of videos featuring Rammersdorf-based Dutter Racing’s Audi 90 quattro.

The first shows the car in action on the dragstrip at Vilshofen, while the second offers a glimpse of it towards the end of the winter rebuild. In its previous guise the 90 was developing 673 kW (915 hp) and 955 Nm of torque from the five-cylinder 20-valve 2.5-litre unit fed by a GT42 ball bearing turbocharger.

Sadly, Jürgen Dutter had a full-time job trying to control the car, as it had a tendency to skitter across the track like a smashed transvestite attempting to run in 8-inch platforms. And we all know how tricky that can be.

So, new for the 2013 season is a set of colossal wheel arches, which house much-needed wider rubber, and a revised ‘eight-second’ motor. The rear doors have also been sealed up along the way.

[Source: Dutter Racing]

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