1984 Audi 80 quattro takes ice crown

General Lee Audi 80 quattro
Here’s Andreas Martinsson in action at this year’s Orsa Speed Weekend behind the wheel of his self-built Audi 80 quattro, securing the record for the flying 1,000 metres on ice.

Based on a 1984 model, painted in the General Lee colours, Andreas and his team at Martinsson Racing put this Frankenstein machine together using a five-cylinder engine fitted with a Sport quattro head, Moroso pistons, revised connecting rods and a modified turbocharger and trunk-mounted intercooler from a Caterpillar 930H wheel loader, the 80 transfers an astonishing 863 whp to the ice via a set of 16-inch WRC-spec studded Pirelli tyres.

On his record-breaking run Andreas was clocked at 267.857 km/h (166.07 mph) going in and 304.311 km/h (188.67 mph) coming back, with an average speed over 1,000 metres of 294.502 km/h (182.59 mph), although the car has reached 345 km/h (214 mph) on other surfaces.

[Source: Martinsson Racing’s Facebook]

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