APR presents Eaton TVS1740 supercharger

APR Eaton TVS1740 supercharger
Following on from the recent sneak preview, Alabama-based APR Motorsport has presented the first applications of the Eaton TVS1740 supercharger kit.

For the past 12 months, APR’s engineering team has worked with the TVS1740 to develop three new Stage III supercharger systems to suit Audi’s 3.0 TFSI unit and the 4.2-litre FSI V8 engine seen in the B8 RS 4, B8 RS 5 and R8.

Power gains are yet to be disclosed, but APR says that the results of the new TVS1740 – when packaged within the company’s integrated manifold designs – are nothing short of breathtaking, producing brutal acceleration with minimal impact on drivability, reliability and average fuel consumption.

When you realise that its Stage III system for the previous (B7) RS 4 raises output from 309 kw (414 hp) and 430 Nm of torque to 425 kW (570 hp) and 691 Nm, we can only dream of what the current 331 kW (450 hp) RS 4 may be able to churn out.

[Source: APR]

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