Audi R8 LMS ultra Real Madrid Edition

Audi recently cemented its partnership with football giants Real Madrid, when it presented a special version of the R8 LMS ultra to the iconic club.

Following the annual event, which sees each member choose their own car for the year, Audi unveiled the Real Madrid Edition at Jarama circuit before superstars such as Xabi Alonso, Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo were treated to a few laps by Marc Gené and Miguel Molina. Other than wearing livery usually associated with the Galácticos, the white and blue is pure racecar, right down to its 419 kW (570 HP) 5.2-litre V10 engine. It also features the new lights seen on the refreshed 2013 R8.

When it came to the road cars, the majority of the the team opted for an Audi Q7, including Ricardo Carvalho, Kakà and Michael Essien, while boss Jose Mourinho bucked the trend with an A8 and Cristiano Ronaldo picked up the keys to an R8. As you would.

[Source: Audi]

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