Audi unveils R8 LMS ultra

From 2012, Audi will produce a new and improved version of its incredibly successful R8 LMS racer. Bearing the R8 LMS ultra name, Audi says the new car was borne out of feedback from customers’ suggestions and wishes.

“We have close ties to our customers. In the R8 LMS ultra we consistently implemented all the performance measures which ensure that we’ll be able to continue to offer an intercontinentally competitive and attractive race car in the future,” said the Managing Director of quattro GmbH, Werner Frowein.

The R8 LMS ultra features new doors constructed from CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic) incorporating new, high-energy absorbing crash foams, which not only help reduce the race R8’s weight, but also increase its passive safety. The new Audi-developed PS1 safety seat serves this purpose too. Helping to improve downforce, there’s also a wider rear wing and hood – with optional vents – depending on homologation rules.

Under the engine cover, the 5.2 L V10 engine remains almost unchanged from the production R8, guaranteeing reliability, with some customers reporting trouble-free racing for over 20,000 kilometres. But it does receive a new exhaust system with racing cats, helping to improve engine characteristics including higher torque and lower engine speeds. An output of up to 419 kW (570 HP) is available, depending on the competition and its restrictor regulations. Other changes for the R8 LMS ultra include larger coolers for the engine oil and transmission fluid, enlarged sideblades, and improved front brake cooling.

Chassis upgrades include the addition of uniball joints in the transverse control arm mounts rather than rubber mounts, lightened gas dampers from Bilstein, and wider 12-inch wheels on the front to accommodate new 30-65/18 Michelin tyres.

Priced at € 329,900.00 (plus VAT) deliveries begin from March 2012, with quattro GmbH offering evolution conversions to existing vehicles.

[Source: Audi Motorsport]

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