mcchip-dkr and Raeder Motorsport partnership announced

Raeder Motorsport Audi TT RS
Obergartzem tuning specialist mcchip-dkr has announced that it will be joining forces with Raeder Motorsport in Buren.

From now on, including the upcoming racing season, mcchip-dkr will be in charge of the customer sports sector from Raeder Clubsport with software optimization and customized software solutions for individual customer needs. Set-up work on the cars will be carried out on one of the most advanced four-wheel dyno in Germany.

mcchip-dkr´s CEO Danny Kubasik will pilot the Raeder Audi TT RS on selected races at the Nürburgring endurance championship (VLN). Together with Elmar Deegner, Jürgen Wohlfarth and Christoph Breuer, he will be part of a strong team in the SP3T car. They will also participate in this year’s legendary 24-hour race at the Nürburgring.

Danny Kubasik points out that he isn’t involved purely for fun, but to assist in the development of the car, which will ultimately lead to better software products for its customers.

[Source: mcchip-dkr]

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