Porsche switching development from 997 to 991 GT3 RSR

Porsche Motorsport has announced that the 997 GT3 RSR has reached the end of its product cycle, with development work being devoted to the 991-based racecar starting next year, ahead of its grid début in 2014.

Porsche will continue to provide customer teams with full at-the-track engineering and components support throughout the 2013 season, but confirmed that the relationship with its super-successful U.S. development partner, Flying Lizard Motorsports, has been terminated.

“Flying Lizard Motorsports has assisted in testing everything from new engines and transmissions to the latest aero package we introduced earlier this year – all to improve the car for everyone. We thank Seth and his team for that service, and hope their racing plans going forward continue to include Porsche,” said PMNA President, Jens Walther.

[Source: Porsche Motorsport]

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