Oakley Design Lamborghini Aventador LP760 Spyder

Here’s a cool project, scooped by Shmee150, which is being jointly developed by the guys at Oakley Design and Refined-Marques: a Lamborghini Aventador LP760 Spyder.

Of course, Lamborghini has already produced the Jota Roadster, but that was a one-off model. A production version is due to hit showrooms sometime next year, but it appears that this particular owner couldn’t wait to feel the wind hitting his wallet.

Not quite as extreme as the Aventador J, Oakley Design’s car appears to retain its door pillars and roof bars, leading us to believe it may feature a removable roof panel. A fabric ‘umbrella’ section, similar to the Veyron Grand Sport’s, could be utilized if the driver got caught in a shower.

Thanks to the remapped ECU software and a titanium exhaust system the 6.5-litre twelve-cylinder now produces 760 hp and, if it’s anything like Oakley’s regular Aventador program, the Spyder will also be rear-wheel drive only.

[Source: Shmee150]

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