BMW M3 CSL by REIL Performance

For many BMW fans, the hardcore E46 M3 CSL is already a masterpiece, but that hasn’t stopped Marcel Reil, owner of Erftstadt-based REIL Performance and MR Design, from reworking it a little.

Designed to be even more of a track weapon, the 3.2-litre six-cylinder engine receives an ECU tweak and exhaust system, taking output from 265 kW (360 hp) to 288 kW (391 hp) and, even though the standard CSL is already 110 kg (243 lb) lighter than the regular M3, REIL still put it on a diet, fitting Plexiglas side and rear windows as well as a carbon fibre boot lid and doors. Those changes see a final weight of 1,260 kg (2,772 lbs), compared to the original figure of 1,385 kg (3,054 lb).

Other components include a set of BBS CH alloy wheels with Yokohama tyres, Bilstein suspension kit, a Porsche GT3 rear wing, grooved Porsche brake discs, six and four-piston calipers, a RECARO racing seat, extensive roll-cage and that all-important foil body wrap.

The end result is a Nurburgring lap time of just 7:43 minutes. We’ll leave you to decide if that 7 second improvement is worth the €130,000 price tag.

[Source: REIL Performance]

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