Jost Capito takes charge of Volkswagen Motorsport

Jost Capito is to take charge of Volkswagen Motorsport from May 1 this year, replacing current Managing Director Kris Nissen who will support the Group during the transitional period before going on to take an advisory role.

Defecting from Ford Motor Company USA after spending over ten years there in the performance vehicles and motorsport division, Capito brings with him a wealth of experience, including Formula One with Sauber Petronas and Sauber Red Bull and development work for high-performance BMW engines. It doesn’t end there; not only was he Porsche’s Head of Carrera Cup Organisation but also a co-driver and winner of the iconic Paris-Dakar Rally. If that CV doesn’t impress you, your second name is probably Brawn.

Paying tribute to the outgoing chief, Volkswagen’s Dr Ulrich Hackenberg said: “Mr Nissen has advanced Volkswagen Motorsport in a major way. He has made a crucial contribution, for instance, to Volkswagen having scored a one-two victory at the 2009 Dakar Rally and making motorsport history with the one-two-three victories at the Dakar Rally in 2010 and 2011.”

[Source: Volkswagen Motorsport]

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