EcoVelocity creates green VW Camper

The guys behind the EcoVelocity show have taken a couple of vehicles, that they call “icons from the 1980s”, and virtually transformed them into green machines.

One of them, a Volkswagen Camper, had 47 bhp from the factory, a top speed of 72 mph, a scarily low consumption figure of 20 mpg and emitted an equally shocking 338g of Carbon Dioxide per km.

Exact details are a little vague, but EcoVelocity’s makeover involves the transplanting of a 90 hp Volkswagen 1.6 TDI engine, with hybrid and stop/start technology. We don’t know why they didn’t actually build it as a project. Their exact reason for only upgrading virtually (hypothetically) was to ensure that the “experiment was run in the ‘greenest’ possible fashion and in keeping with the ethos of the show”.

So, actually taking a popular – but environmentally unfriendly – vehicle, and making it as green as a modern car goes against the ethos of the show – yet there will be people driving cars (some with diesel engines) around a specially designed track – all day long?

A virtual car show would have been truly green…

The event takes place from 8-11 September at Battersea Power Station, a decommissioned coal-fired power station, in South London.

[Source: EcoVelocity]

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