BMW Plan Rav 4 Fighter

BMW are hatching plans for a top secret baby SUV – the X1. The junior ‘ X ‘ model will mix a 1-series footprint with the X3’s four-wheel drive.

bmw x1 26

BMW predicts that the mid-size SUV market will double by 2016. The cheapest X car will be targeting young families, active singles and empty nesters. These owners require vehicles with a higher seating position, decent safety, extra space and a premium interior.

The X1 will be part 1-series, part new X3. The large wheels and beefed up suspension come from the X3, but the body structure, drivetrains and electronics are based on the 1-series.

bmw2 x1 26

Power will come from four and sixpot engines giving between 180bhp and 231bhp. Expect six-speed manual boxes and an optional six-speed auto sending power to all four wheels.

The chassis will get stability control, HDC hill descent control and DBC dynamic brake force distribution. Other gizmos will include CBC cornering brake control, TSC trailer stability control and DTC (dynamic traction control). Active steering and Dynamic drive (adjustable anti-roll sternly) are likely options.

[Source: Car Magazine]

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  1. 1. 10th April, 2007 at 11:00 by Ganzo

    This is nice SAV, beautiful design… I Love BMW


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