RSR911 Create The Cayman GT

Italian Porsche tuners RSR911 have produced a range of cars based on the Cayman S.

Robert Sikkens started RSR911 (Robert Sikkens Racing) 30 years ago, specialising in tuning Porsche sports cars for the street and circuit. The Cayman GT is the latest product from their stable.

rsr cayman

Several versions of the package are available. On the bodywork side of things, the ‘Stage 1 Cayman GT’ Kit consists of a new pair of bumpers, front spoiler, fixed rear wing and modified air intakes. The ‘Stage 2 Cayman GT Clubsport’ kit has extra goodies, including kevlar doors and bonnet, clubsport seats, lightweight battery, fire extinguisher and an adjustable rear wing.

rsr cayman 2

There are three power options available. With Stage 1, the car retains its 3.4L displacement, but after receiving a new Carrera GT-type exhaust system and some engine management tweaking, the power jumps from 295 bhp upto 325 bhp. Stage 2 uses a 380 bhp version of the 993 Carrera S powerplant. If you want to scare yourself to death, but have alot of fun in the process, then Stage 3 was created just for you. Those nice people at RSR911 are offering to shoe-horn the 3.6L biturbo powerhouse from the 996 GT2 into the poor unsuspecting engine bay of your Cayman S, giving it the 550 bhp it’s been crying out for.

rsr cayman 2

The GT rolls on 19 inch BBS split rims, while the choice of chassis upgrades include a carbon strut brace, electronically adjustable suspension and carbon ceramic brakes.

Interior options include leather seats, roll-cage, engine start button and trim kits in carbon, aluminium or titanium.

If you buy the 550 bhp version, can I borrow it while you’re on holiday, please?

[Source: RSR911]

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Readers Comments

  1. 1. 20th July, 2006 at 15:38 by Ben

    Imagine how fast that’ll be with the GT2 engine in it!


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