Prior Design Mercedes E-Class Coupe

Prior Design PD850 Black Edition
Kamp-Lintfort stylinghouse Prior Design has released new images of its widebody Mercedes E-Class Coupe program, offering looks reminiscent of the C-Class Coupe Black Series.

Constructed from high quality Dura-Flex FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic), the PD850 Black Edition package consists of an aggressive front fascia with large intakes and detachable spoiler, vented fenders, side skirts, rear wheel arch extensions and a wider bumper with diffuser section. A ventilated hood and boot lid spoiler completes the transmutation.

Pricing has been set at €7,990, with customers also offered the option of LED daytime running lights and a sports exhaust system, along with a fitting and painting service.

[Source: Prior Design]

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