Audi creates science fiction car for Ender’s Game

Following on from such collaborations as the one with the Iron Man franchise and I, Robot, which featured the fabulous RSQ, Audi has revealed a futuristic vehicle for the forthcoming Ender’s Game movie.

With input from the film’s director, Gavin Hood, the Audi quattro shuttle fleet was created by the Audi Design Team using digital technology and exists in only a virtual world, a first for the Ingolstadt company in a Hollywood production.

“Designing the Audi fleet shuttle quattro was similar to customizing a tailor-made suit. We adapted it to the requirements of the world in Ender’s Game and at the same time had to take care to preserve our brand values,” said Frank Rimili, chief designer for the film project.

The movie, which hits German cinemas on October 24 and stars Harrison Ford, sees Earth preparing itself for an attack by hostile aliens (the absolute worst type…). Enter Ender Wiggin, who is chosen from a group of potential leaders as the chap to save our planet. Fingers crossed, eh?

[Source: Audi]

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