Audi teases Matrix LED headlights on new A8

Audi Matrix LED headlights
Audi has teased its next A8 model while announcing the introduction of a new Matrix LED headlight system.

The high-beam headlights are split into individual diodes that work in conjunction with lenses or reflectors. Their activation or deactivation constantly changes in correlation with the situation on the road, resulting in the maximum possible light yield without having to rely on a pivoting mechanism.

Each headlight houses 25 high-beam light-emitting diodes – five per reflector – that produce a special crystalline sheen. The high-beam, which is activated at 30 km/h in ‘automatic’ mode, will run at full power unless the A8’s camera detects oncoming vehicles in which case the system blanks out light that would shine directly onto them while continuing to cast the beams with full power on all other zones.

The optional night vision assistant can detect and pick out pedestrians from their surroundings within critical range in front of the car, rapidly flashing LEDs at them three times in succession.

Another notable feature is the cornering light function. Controlled by the predictive route data from the MMI navigation plus the direction of the beam is displaced in the direction shortly before the steering needs to be turned.

Audi confirmed that the new A8 will reach the market later this year.

[Source: Audi]

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