dp motorsport Classic 964 RS takes the Porsche 911 back in time

dp motorsport Classic 964 RS
Following on from its stunning lightweight 911 project, Overath-based dp motorsport has created a retrofit package for the Porsche 964 that provides the appearance of a 1973 911 RS 2.7.

Designed to celebrate forty years of the RS model, the Classic 964 RS program is made up of a front hood and bumper, fenders, side sills, rear bumper, duckbill spoiler, grille section and lens covers for the indicators. Priced at €6,828, the kit also includes a polished stainless steel tailpipe and all the necessary adaptors and brackets for assembly. A wide 2.8 RSR conversion will also become available.

A set of contemporary Fuchs wheels, measuring 7 and 9 x 17-inches, can be purchased for €2,236, while the modest 22 kW (30 hp) performance increase, which includes a 100 cell catalytic converter, K&N air filter and test bench balancing, will set you back €2,618.

dp motorsport can remodel your existing 964 or acquire a vehicle for you before converting it. Prices vary depending on specific requirements.

[Source: dp motorsport]

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