Audi R8 e-tron spotted testing

Audi R8 e-tron
Even though Audi denies that the company’s R8 e-tron won’t make it into production, Will Lillo from Spain recently spotted a prototype version testing on the streets around Barcelona.

The 49 KWh lithium-ion battery feeds a pair of electric motors generating a total output of 230 kW (308 hp) and 820 Nm of torque, with around 490 Nm transferred to the rear wheels from a near-standing start. A range of 215 kilometres (134 miles) is possible, with energy recovery during coasting and braking also providing a charge.

We know it will be in Iron Man 3 and looking back, the previous two films have seen Tony Stark behind the wheel of an R8 Coupe and an R8 Spyder, so we don’t see why Audi would want to put such a vehicle as the R8 e-tron on a global pedestal – without making it available to the public. We also think it would be a great shame if it wasn’t built.

[Source: Up Your Spot]

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