Porsche MC600 by mcchip-dkr

mcchip-dkr Porsche MC600
Usually known for its work on new cars, Obergartzem tuning specialist mcchip-dkr has developed the MC600 program to satisfy a customer who needed an upgrade for his Porsche 993 GT2, the last of the great air-cooled models.

The conversion begins with the company gutting the car before totally rebuilding its 3.6-litre bi-turbo engine with a new block, a pair of modified K26 PÜTZ Motorsport turbochargers, a Cargraphic exhaust system with racing catalysts and its own ECU software, seeing a a rise in output from 336 kW (450 hp) and 586 Nm of torque to 450 kW (604 hp) and 847 Nm. A Drexler limited-slip differential was also fitted.

Chassis tweaks include a KW racing Competition Variant 3 suspension kit and Cargraphic RS wheels measuring 10 and 13 x 18-inches, while on the inside there’s a full roll-cage, Stack instrument display, Recaro Pole Position bucket seat, OMP steering wheel and carbon fibre panelling for the doors and dashboard.

The conversion takes a total of 800 hours to complete and is priced at €200,000.

[Source: mcchip-dkr]

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