DMC Aventador LP900 SV

DMC Aventador LP900 SV Limited Edition
Duesseldorf tuner DMC has revealed its LP900 SV Limited Edition program for the Lamborghini Aventador.

Constructed entirely from carbon fibre, just ten examples will be manufactured with DMC hand-picking the customers – who must already own an Aventador fitted with the company’s Molto Veloce kit.

The SV package retains the Molto Veloce’s side skirts and raised rear wing, but the front bumper takes inspiration from Lamborghini’s sharp-nosed J Concept Roadster and features large air scoops with central fixing braces and winglets on the outer edges. The equally-grandiose rear bumper wears a revised diffuser with an opening beneath the custom tailpipes.

The performance upgrade sees DMC ditch the factory injection system in favour of 12 separate single intake throttle plates, uprated fuel pumps and nozzles and optimized ECU software. The 6.5-litre V12 is topped off with a titanium exhaust system that tips the scales at just 3.45 kg, resulting in an output of 671 kW (900 hp).

[Source: DMC]

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