Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Venet

Earlier this year, Bugatti invited the French Conceptual artist Bernar Venet to design a piece of work for the Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 (December 6-9), and this is the result.

Renowned for his striking, abstract sculptures, New York-based Venet used a Veyron Grand Sport to create the “fastest artwork ever”. From a distance, the front fascia and flanks of the Grand Sport almost appear to be rusted metal panels, but on closer inspection it is merely a copper-coloured pattern made up of mathematic and scientific formulas which the company’s engineers had used to make the Veyron a reality. The front wheels were also colour-matched.

Moving inside, the artist’s signature adorns the central tunnel and the algorithmic theme continues with the door panels receiving the same numerical treatment, making this the most expensive Sudoku puzzle in the world.

Propelled by a quad-turbocharged 8.0-litre W16, producing 746 kW (1,001 hp) and 1,250 Nm of torque, the Grand Sport hits 100 km/h in a mere 2.7 seconds and a 407 km/h (252 mph) top speed, or 361 km/h (224 mph) with the roof removed. And toupee tape in place.

[Source: Bugatti]

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