Volkswagen dropping the Eos

Try not to shed too many tears when we tell you this, but Volkswagen has announced that the current Eos model will be the last one.

Speaking at the LA Motor Show, the company’s head of design Klaus Bischoff stated that two four-seater convertibles, the Beetle and Golf, were enough, adding: “Retractable hardtops are disappearing from the market now, and to be honest that’s not something I mind.”

Also, anyone hoping to see a production version of the BlueSport Roadster concept is going to be sorely disappointed, with Bischoff calling two-seater mid-engined sports cars “a boy’s dream.” “It is not feasible financially and you won’t get anyone to implement such a project when the markets are falling so dramatically in Europe,” he said.

He did, however, reveal that his team was looking at a larger open-topped model, but it was a long way from being a reality. “There’s definitely room in our line-up. The problem with such ambitions is that all our existing factories are at full capacity, so any new additions means building new factories,” said Bischoff. Personally we’d be interested in seeing a convertible version of the CC.

[Source: What Car?]

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