Audi F12 e performance project

Audi has announced details of an e performance research project focusing on the development of a high-voltage battery to power electric cars.

The €36 million, three-year collaboration between Audi, Bosch and the RWTH Aachen University has yielded the F12 ‘e Sport’ model, which draws over 38 kWh from a pair of battery blocks made up of 200 macrocells each. The blocks, which produce voltages of 144 and 216 volts respectively, feature cast aluminium sections, which absorb the majority of the energy during a crash, and can deliver varying amounts of output depending on load.

Propelling the R8-bodied car is one motor up front, which is utilized under light load, but once the quiet pedal is pressed into the carpet a pair of motors at the rear are activated to develop a total of kW (204 hp) and 550 Nm of torque, resulting in an all-electric quattro sports car.

Notable equipment in the car is an efficient heat pump, which controls the temperature of the drive system and interior, and also store excessive heat in the batteries which may be required to warm up the cabin when needed. Buttons on the centre tunnel operated the basic Drive, Reverse, Neutral and Park functions, while other actions are carried out via the removable tablet computer mounted within the console.

[Source: Audi]

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