BMW 3 Series KW adaptive coilovers

Fichtenberg-based suspension specialist KW Automotive has developed its adaptive coilover system to suit BMW’s 3 Series convertible (E93) and coupé (E92) models.

Already available for the 3 Series estate (E91), the stainless steel KW DDC ECU coilover kit allows a drop in ride height of up to 50 mm on the coupe and 60 mm on the convertible, while a choice of adaptive driving modes; Comfort, Sport and Sport+, can be chosen via a button mounted inside the car’s cockpit.

On top of that, owners with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will be able to fine-tune their own damper set-up thanks to the free KW DDC app from Apple’s App Store. “When our W-LAN module is connected, the damper characteristics can easily and individually be adjusted. With the push of a button’ the driver’s set-ups can also be shared with friends via Email,” said KW’s Product Manager Johannes Wacker. Up to five separate setups can be stored at any one time.

[Source: KW]

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