Carlsson CGL45 Royal Last Edition

Following on from Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd acquiring 70 percent of the shares of the Merzig-based tuninghouse, Carlsson, this special version of the company’s CGL45 model has been created for the Chinese market.

Based on the previous generation of GL-Class, the Royal Last Edition is almost identical to the regular CGL45, which means it gets a restyled front fascia with double-twin units and LED daytime running lights, chrome grille mesh inserts and slightly wider wheel arch extensions. The only real difference is a set of 22-inch 1/5 EVO DS alloy wheels and a choice of 36 different colour combinations to choose from.

Thanks to Carlsson’s C-Tronic power unit, output from the diesel 3.0L V6 rises from 198 kW (265 hp) up to 231 (310 hp), providing an impressive torque figure of 700 Nm (up from 620 Nm), while the 5.5L V8 – in the GL 500 – jumps from 289 kW (388 hp) to 324 kW (435 hp), and a maximum torque of 600 Nm (up from 530 Nm). All six and eight cylinder models in the range are also catered for.

Not quite as rare as the C25 Super GT model, just 300 examples will be created.

[Source: Carlsson via]

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