Switzer F900 Porsche 911 Turbo

Ohio-based Porsche tuning specialist Switzer Performance has released details of its latest piece of work, the F900.

The 671 kW (900 hp) F900 was built to satisfy the needs of a Canadian customer who had previously owned one of the company’s 746 kW (1000 hp) Switzer Sledgehammer, a car best known for running 9-second passes and a standing mile top speed approaching 200 mph. This time, he wanted a “flex-fuel fire-breather,” a heavyweight machine that combined the characteristics of Switzer’s pump gas P800 package with the R911 race car that consumed 109 octane race-fuel and its Ethanol-burning E900 Nissan project car.

“He didn’t want a race-gas package or a street gas package or an E85 package. He wanted a car that he could throw anything at. A real, usable, daily-drivable street machine that, at a moment’s notice, could pull up to an E85 station and rip off a pass in the low 10s. Or 9s, ideally,” explains Tym Switzer.

Modifications to the 997 Turbo include the addition of voluminous intercoolers, a CNC-machined y-pipe intake, a pair of upgraded Switzer turbochargers, sport exhaust system and additional engine sensors operated by a stand-alone ECU, adjusting the timing and injection in accordance with the fuel being used at that time.

[Source: Switzer Performance]

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