Volkswagen T5 Bus by Hartmann Tuning

Neuss-based Hartmann Tuning has announced its range of options for Volkswagen’s popular T5 Bus.

Developed by the company’s Vansports sub-brand, the T5 wears a lower front spoiler, side skirts and a rear bumper apron, while a sports spring set reduces the ride height by 30 mm. There’s also a wide range of alloy wheels on offer including these Vest 3 items, sized 9×20-inches and covered in 275/35 R20 tyres. Inside, owners can spruce up their cabin with carbon fibre trim inserts and velour carpeting.

For those in search of extra power, the Vansports electronic Diesel Performance Kit sees output from the 2.0 TDI increase from 103 kW (138 hp) and 340 Nm of torque to up to 122 kW (164 hp) and 395 Nm, while the brawnier 2.0 BiTDI jumps from 132 kW (177 hp) and 400 Nm up to 156 kW (209 hp) and 460 Nm. There’s also a stainless steel exhaust system with twin double tailpipes. Finally, the electronic accelerator kit helps to reduce the delay in response that can sometimes be experienced.

[Source: Hartmann Tuning]

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