Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion covers 1,564 km on one tank

Volkswagen has answered a question posed on its microsite – just how far can the Polo BlueMotion travel on one tank of fuel.

So, along with representatives of DEKRA, Volkswagen filled one of its super-frugal hatchbacks to the brim with diesel, then set off from Autostadt in Wolfsburg on Saturday evening. A Passat Variant BlueMotion, carrying three other fuel-saving trainers from ‘Volkswagen Driving Experience’ to share the driving duties, followed the Polo through Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Kassel before returning to Saxony. Covering an average speed of 84 km/h, the crew managed to travel an astonishing 1563.9 kilometres, which translates to just 3.3 litres every 100 km, undercutting the factory’s established consumption figure of 2.9 litres. For the record, the Passat – loaded with luggage and three occupants, managed to drink a mere 4.2 l/100 km.

[Source: Think Blue]

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