Heffner Performance twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 [w/video]

If you remember the Heffner Performance bi-turbo Audi R8 we shared with you about a month ago, you’ll no doubt recall the fact that it churned out a ridiculous 544 kW (730 hp) and sounded like hell on earth. Well, this Gallardo follows a similar route, but with even wilder results. Built for a customer, Joe Z, who felt that his factory LP 560-4 was underpowered, the car features a bolt-on kit that uses a pair of custom-built TIAL billet wheeled ballbearing turbochargers (good for 1400 whp) along with TIAL 44 mm MVR wastegates and a bespoke exhaust system. A large intercooler was also fabricated to keep induction temperatures to a minimum, before the new components received an OEM look thanks to the 2000 degree wrinkle black ceramic coating by Jet hot.

Once strapped down onto the rollers, the Gallardo produced some scary power figures: 708 kW (963 hp) on 93 Octane fuel and 761 kW (1,034 hp) on 100 Octane fuel. Scary.

[Source: Heffner Performance]

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