Mercedes-Benz destroys unlawful 300 SL replica

Mercedes-Benz has demonstrated how it feels about unlawful replicas of its vehicles, with this 300 SL meeting a grisly end.

A German company had manufactured the 1950s Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (W 198 series) replica but, as the classic gullwing model is under copyright protection as a work of applied art and also trademarked by Daimler AG, courts ruled that it was illegal to market the body.

After being seized by customs officials, the clone was taken to the Mercedes-Benz used-parts centre. This department handles the disposal of all Mercedes-Benz prototypes, so was well equipped to deal with the dodgy duplicate. After separating the fibreglass body from its chassis, two presses – each administering over 30 tonnes of pressure – worked their magic, resulting in a pile of fun-size pieces and a ‘confirmation of scrappage’ certificate.

As massive fans of the Singer cars, we wouldn’t mind seeing a high quality reflection of the 300 SL, with a modern (carbon fibre) twist to it.

[Source: Daimler AG]

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