Volkswagen releases official five-door up! images

We told you as far back as last October that Volkswagen will be releasing the baby up! model in five-door form, and here are the first official images of it.

While the five-door version was initially revealed as the cross up! concept, with more rugged bumpers and a raised ride height, the production version will be a regular city car, available with the same equipment levels and engine options as its three-door sibling, namely a 1.0 L three-cylinder in 60 hp (45 kW) or 75 hp (56 kW) guise using just 4.2 l/km and 4.3 l/km respectively.

Our favourite option has to be the City Emergency Braking system. Automatically active at speeds up to 18 mph (29 km/h), the device utilizes laser sensors to detect potential collisions and can apply the brakes automatically.

Due to hit German dealerships as early as May before being rolled out to the rest of Europe in the summer, there will be a € 475 premium for the two extra doors with prices starting at € 10,325.

[Source: Volkswagen via Motor Trend]

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