Škoda Economy Run champions named

An international field of 59 competitors took part in the 30th Škoda Economy Run last weekend, with the victors – Marek Tribula and Martin Kadlec driving a Fabia 1.2 HTP – using just 2.78 litres of fuel every 100 km, or 101.6 mpg. To put that into perspective, Volkswagen’s super-frugal Polo BlueMotion needs 3.4 litres to cover the same distance.

The start and finish point of the 325.9 km marathon was Škoda’s Customer Service Centre in Kosmonos, with the route passing through Trutnov. Scores were awarded for overall consumption, CO2 emissions, the car’s average speed, and the difference between the actual fuel consumption and the prescribed standard.

[EXPAND Press Release] The winners of the ŠKODA Economy Run 2011 have been determined. The lowest average fuel consumption with only 2.78 liters per 100 km was scored by the two drivers Marek Tribula and Martin Kadlec in a ŠKODA Fabia 1.2 HTP. The special category “Historic” was won by Petr Horní?ek and Michal Freyvald in a ŠKODA Felicia (1997) with a consumption of 4.069 liters per 100 km. The winner of the “ŠKODA Handy” category is František Liška and Jaroslav Bedná?. The fuel efficiency competition with ŠKODA models already took place for the 30th time. As in previous years, the goal was to complete a given distance with the lowest amount of fuel.

59 teams in models ranging across all five ŠKODA series – half of which running with diesel engines, the other half with gas engines – were at the start of the 325.9 kilometer long route last weekend. The start and finish point of the contest organized by the Automotoklub ŠKODA Mladá Boleslav was the ŠKODA Customer Service Center in Kosmonosy. On the first day, the route took the drivers to Trutnov. On Sunday, the teams drove back to Kosmonosy.

The evaluation of the results was performed based on the vehicles’ engine displacement in eight categories. There were also two special categories, “ŠKODA Handy” and “Historic”. The parameters assessed were total consumption, CO2 emissions, the average speed, and the difference between the actual consumption and the standard. Besides the teams from the Czech Republic, the field of participants consisted of driver teams from Poland, Slovakia, and Russia. For the first time, physically challenged drivers competed as well.

“The anniversary edition of our Economy Run was a total success,” says Josef Pálka, the chairman of the Automotoklub ŠKODA Mladá Boleslav. “All participants have once again demonstrated how economically one can drive with a ŠKODA. The performance of the handicapped drivers was particularly impressive.”

The smooth technical operation of the Economy Run was ensured by the ŠKODA Customer Service Department. It provided the premises and also performed the technical preparation and inspection of the vehicles of the competitors.

This year in May, the Austria-based economy driving world champion Gerhard Plattner did 2,006 kilometres on one tankful with a ŠKODA Fabia GreenLine. The result of his effort was a record-low consumption achieved by the Fabia GreenLine – only 2.21 litres/100 km, although the model’s Europe-standardised consumption is 3.4 l/100 km.

[Source: Skoda][/EXPAND]

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