Audi S5 Sportback by Senner Tuning

Benno Senner, president of Senner Tuning AG, and his team in Ingelheim have created yet another package for an Audi vehicle, this time for the 8TA model S5 Sportback.

Visually, the body receives extremely subtle changes, mainly the de-chroming of the window frames and fog lamp surrounds. The grille also loses its shine thanks to a ‘Black Edition’ replacement featuring anodised bars. Senner fits its own Elegant TS-7 alloy wheels, sized 9.5 and 11×20-inches, the spokes are anodized silver with black inserts, while the rim is polished. The car is brought 35-40 mm closer to the road thanks to an adjustable suspension kit from specialists Bilstein.

The company’s performance kit – consisting of an ECU remap, performance air filter and stainless steel sports exhaust helps to output from 245 kW/333 hp and 440 Nm of torque up to 327 kW/445 hp 530 Nm. A power converter is also added, which solves the delay that can often be experienced in cars with fly-by-wire accelerators

The whole conversion will set you back around € 15,000.

[Source: Senner AG]

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