Bentley and Linley create ten Continental Flying Spurs

Bentley has teamed up with renowned designer, David Linley, to create just ten limited edition Continental Flying Spurs for the Chinese market.

Where the wood surfaces of the Bentley, including the fascia, console, waist-rail and roof console, would normally be covered in chestnut or walnut, Linley added its own veneers in Santos rosewood. The Linley Helix motif can be seen in the wait-rails, stainless steel sill plates and picnic table.

The seats receive modified fluting in Burnt Oak stitching, with the same colour being used, to trim the storage area and door pockets, in leather. The rear console was reworked to accept one of Linley’s customer-commissioned humidor, an item the company is well known for.

“We have reconfigured the console so that the box can fit in, moving things around and creating a space. It was an engineering feat to meet the quality requirements of a Bentley and the design cues of Linley,” said Bentley’s senior designer, Brett Boydell.

[Source: Bentley]

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