Audi wheels out its A2 concept

Audi has unveiled yet another concept ahead of this month’s motor show in Frankfurt, this time resurrecting the A2 name. But whereas the original model, which ended production in 2005, was powered by a range of combustion engines, this A2 concept is strictly electric.

Measuring just 3.8 metres in length – the same as the last A2 – the concept makes the most of its interior space, and thanks to the ultra-slim plastic seat shells, there’s plenty of room for four people. The cockpit is highlighted by aluminium elements, while the floor is covered in a recycled, polyester-based material. The cabin can be drenched in natural light at the flick of a switch, as the driver can choose between the glass roof remaining dark – or totally transparent.

For the lighting system, Audi is not only débuting its next-generation LED headlights – a package of light emitting diodes and microreflectors – which create a high resolution beam of light, with zero glare, but at the rear, there are intelligent tail lights. These units monitor visibility conditions before adjusting the illumination accordingly.

Finally, and this is cool; the light from the rear fog lamps is produced by laser diodes, which are capable of shining a red triangle on the road as a warning to other motorists.

[Source: Audi]

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