200 mph Skoda at Bonneville Speed Week – latest videos

evo has released three further video diaries covering its time at the legendary Bonneville Speed Week. Dickie Meaden, the magazine’s Contributing Editor has been driving a 600 bhp ‘salt spec’ Octavia dubbed the Octavia vRS Bonneville Special, and has already passed the magical 200 mph mark. An impressive first run of the day saw the relatively humble Skoda hit 195.69 mph, but by its sixth outing a speed of 202.15 mph was achieved.

The car was jointly prepared by Skoda’s technical team in Milton Keynes and tuning specialists REVO Technik. New subframes drop the Octavia 60 mm closer to the salt, while the body receives some aerodynamic upgrades. The 2.0L TSI engine has been fitted with a larger Garrett G-05 turbocharger and is subjected to 30+ PSI of boost pressure. The car is being fed large amounts of high-octane race fuel (with water methanol mix) – rather than unleaded pump petrol.

With a few days remaining, the team is now setting its sights on the 2.0L production car record which currently stands at 216 mph.

[Source: Skoda]

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