MINI publishes result’s of UK electric vehicle trial

MINI E has today published its findings from its UK field trials of the electric-powered MINI E. The project called upon a pool of 138 people and 40 cars to drive for a 12 month period – covering an impressive 258,105 miles. The average mileage per vehicle over six months was 3226, with the highest mileage achieved by an individual driver over that time was a substantial 7954 miles. The average cost of charging the MINI E came to £60 – which works out at less than 2p per mile.

Encouragingly, four out of five testers said that 80 percent of their trips could be done exclusively in the MINI E. 84 percent of the people did report that severely low temperatures affected the distance that could be driven between charges – but that wasn’t enough put them off – with 80 percent of the participants saying they thought the MINI E was suitable for winter use. One user, Janet Borgers, said she “regularly did 88 miles in a single journey in the cold weather”.

All the information generated from the field trial will be incorporated into the ongoing development and refinement of BMW’s new electric-powered i3 urban vehicle, due to be launched in 2013.

The 40 MINI Es will stay in the UK and will be used in a small number of commercial partnerships as well as in partnerships with government and industry stakeholders. They will also be put to work at consumer and corporate events.

[Source: MINI]

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