New interior ideas for the Audi Q3

Known for offering a wide range of interior choices, Audi has carried on in the same vein with its new Q3 SUV model. Platinum or truffle beige inlays come as standard on the Q3, but the Colour and Trim Team have developed further options for owners wanting that little extra.

The first is a dark brown larch wood inlay. Left largely in its natural state, the wood retains its structure, resulting in a slightly rough surface feel. “We want to give the exterior and the interior a strong aesthetic – its very own soul,” said team member Rosalie Schrader.

For those not into wood, Audi has developed a new 3D aluminum mesh material. Constructed from brushed aluminium, stamped with a tiny honeycomb pattern; the mesh is then backed with a white holographic-surfaced material.

The aluminium theme continues to many of the Q3’s controls, while the steering wheel and gear lever are finished in leather. The upholstery can be ordered in Fine Nappa and Milano leather – or as a combination of leather and Alcantara.

Another nice option is the LED interior light package. These light-emitting diodes use virtually no power, but serve well to illuminate the Q3’s footwells, vanity mirrors, headlining and even provide a ring of guiding light around your cupholders. If you opt for the Bose surround sound system, the frames of your woofer/mid-range speakers will also be picked out in a similar fashion.

[Source: Audi]

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