SLR Convertible Within Six Months.

It looks like the rumours of a topless version of the McLaren Mercedes SLR are coming to fruition.

slr2 110806

According to sources, the car will bear a strong resemblance to the Vision SLR concept which debuted shortly before the launch of the SLR coupe. McLaren Mercedes will be aiming to make it perform as well as its coupe brother.

slr 110806

There’s a strong possiblity that the convertible could make an appearance as early as March 2007 for the Geneva Motor Show.

Get saving.

[Source: Left Lane News]

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Readers Comments

  1. 1. 23rd September, 2006 at 01:11 by Clifford Wallace

    SLR should have a hard drop top and avoid the mistake the GTC Bentley made. Panaromic roof would be nice and all of the state of the art technology that Mercedes Benz and Chysler can dream up (Voice activated everything). I-drive, DVD touch screen advanced Navagation, XM radio, heating and cooling massage action seats, self park, camera vision, night vision, with an over the top Bose stereo system that out does an orchestra pit seat and out bangs a rock or hip hop concert.
    It should acheive 210 with the top down. The advanced suspension should offer the driver what S models have done best in the industry-a LUXURY sports car with options. Hold nothing back because this is the ultimate S-Class ever and probably best sports luxury sports car ever!
    Let’s not kid ourselves this car is a wet dream come true. SLR is the best of all worlds wrapped up in a silver bullet that would destroy any w.wolf or vampire that dare to cross its path.
    Thank-you for PERFECTION -“Cliff Notes”


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