Rolls Royce Phantom Black

Rolls Royce have created just 25 Phantom Black models.

The ultra limited edition vehicle will be finished in metallic Diamond Black with twin silver coach lines. Distinctive detailing can be seen all over the car including the 21 inch alloy wheels (including self-levelling RR centres).

rolls black

Inside, the black leather trim receives sea-shell piping. The dashboard gets a special black metal foil finish, while the driver can glance at a bespoke silver clock, safe in the knowledge that there’s an almost zero chance of them pulling up alongside another Phantom Black at the next set of traffic lights.

The mammoth 6.75L V12 engine retains its standard power (453 bhp), but receives chrome plated top plates, while the inlet manifolds and Rolls Royce badges get the black treatment.

rolls engine

Rolls Royce stated “The Phantom Black uses a number of new Bespoke finishes and materials to create a contemporary car that blends aesthetics and engineering, emphasising the dynamic character of the car”.

All 25 Phantom Blacks were immediately snapped up, by people considerably richer than me.

[Source: All Car News]

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Readers Comments

  1. 1. 22nd July, 2006 at 13:29 by Ben

    Wow. thats a beautiful car.You’ve got to love the atention to detail on these cars.
    I think i know what Mr Diddy will be cruising round in soon ; )

  2. 2. 23rd September, 2006 at 01:50 by Clifford Wallace

    A prestigious design that is regal and built for a King and Queen. Although inside its more like a dining room where you don’t want to touch anything. It needs all the comforts of the limo version of the Maybach.

    “Cliff Notes”


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