Mercedes Add Armour Plating To Their Options List

Mercedes have released details of their ballistic protection range, the E-Guard.

The E-Guard version of the E-Class, offers ballistic protection with no external differences, giving the bad guys no clues to the cars superman-like toughness.

e class mercedes

The car is built from the ground up, by experienced professionals. Virtually every panel is reinforced with steel and aramid. The basic structure of the shell is also strengthened to carry the additional weight of the armour. The results are impressive, with the panels capable of stopping a bullet from a .44 Magnum!

Three engine options are available for the E-Guard range. They include the E320 CDI’s 224 bhp diesel, a 272 bhp petrol V6 for the E350 and a 5.5L V8 producing an impressive 388 bhp, for the E500.

[Source: Gizmag]

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