HGP Turbocharge The Latest Golf R32

Reknowned German turbo specialists HGP, have wasted no time in modifying the latest Volkswagen Golf R32.

Using the experience gained from their work on the Golf IV R32, HGP have created a 400 bhp Uber-Golf.

hgp golf

The 150 bhp hike, comes courtesy of an R30 turbocharger, large capacity intercooler, increased flow injectors and a modified management system.

hgp golf5

The engine also receives uprated connecting rod bearing’s and a steel sandwich plate, to lower the compression. A new exhaust system completes the package.

[Source: HGP Turbo]

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Readers Comments

  1. 1. 1st August, 2009 at 14:46 by asaf

    hi there. This is amaizing. I was contemplating wheter which car to buy. My likey car to buy will be either the R32, GTi, or the audi TT (mk 1). My actual question for you guys is how much it would cost and if i had jys bort myself a R32 could it be possible to turbo charge it. many thanks..


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