Bentley Continental GT Diamond Series

To celebrate 60 years of hand built craftsmanship at their Crewe factory, Bentley have announced a limited edition version of their Continental GT.

bentley continental diamond series

Production of the Continental GT Diamond series will be strictly limited to 400. The power remains the same (552 bhp from the 6 litre twin turbo W12 powerhouse), but the brakes have received an upgrade to a gigantic 420 x 40 mm on the front and 356 x 28mm on the rear. These are the largest ever to be used on a production. Made from carbon-silicon carbide and gripped by 8 piston calipers up front, they’re certainly up to the job of bringing the GT to a halt. They’re hidden behind a set of newly designed 9 x 20 inch fourteen spoke alloys.

Inside, the difference becomes more apparent with quilted rather than straight-fluted leather seats, quilted door casings, solid drilled alloy brake and accelerator pedals and a sportier chrome and wood gear lever with a knurled top. Outside there are a few more telltale differences including different tread-plates and badges, as well as an alloy filler cap.

Even with all the extras, the Bentley still manages to sprint to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds and onto an amazing 198 mph.

[Source: Serious Wheels]

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Readers Comments

  1. 1. 23rd September, 2006 at 01:38 by Clifford Wallace

    For the money the GTC is the best in its class. I would have liked for the GTC to be a hard drop top, maybe that will be offered in a later model. 200 mph priced under $200,000 U.S makes the soft top O.K and it maintains a level of class about it with the soft top. An all glass roof for the coupe that opens would be a neat trick.
    BENTLEY executives did their home work by bringing the GT to life. You have to spend twice the amount of this car to compare it to anything. Regardless of price I would buy this car over 99.9% of all cars. The only real improvements needed is out doing Mercedes, Lexus and BMW in technological toys for BIG boys.
    “Cliff Notes”


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