smart fourjoy heading to Frankfurt

smart fourjoy
Following on from its forstars concept, smart has revealed another design study, the fourjoy, which will be officially unveiled in Frankfurt.

Measuring 3494 mm in length, 1978 mm in width and standing 1494 mm tall, the futuristic-looking four-seater dispenses with unnecessary ballast, meaning no doors, no rear window and no roof section. Fuelling the urban buggy is a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 17.6 kWh which powers the same magneto-electric motor – developing 55 kW (74 hp) and 130 Nm (96 lb/ft) of torque – found in smart’s current fortwo electric drive.

Said to feature design elements and dimensions similar to the next generation production model, the fourjoy looks much more organic, most noticeably that polished tridion cell, the exposed headlamps with U-shaped LED daytime running lights and LED turbine tail-lights and door mirrors that appear to float on aluminium arms. Wearing contrasting pearlescent white bumpers, hood and tailgate, the car sits on 19-inch double three-spoke alloy wheels, which are pushed out to each corner resulting in extremely short overhangs.

Moving inside, there’s a pair of curvy front seats along with a rear bench in the style of lounge furniture (from The Jetsons), both with black chrome backs, and two smartphones mounted on the dashboard and centre tunnel at the rear.

Now for the good part. A detachable high-definition camera and two skateboard helmets are located behind the rear seat, while a pair of electric longboards are fastened to the roof of the car, meaning occupants can film themselves riding before sharing the footage on social networks with people they went to school with and haven’t seen for twenty years, but still feel the need to portray a fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle.

[Source: smart]

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