Carlsson smart race edition

Carlsson smart race edition
Merzig-based tuning specialist Carlsson has released details of its smart race edition car based on the tiny fortwo.

Inspired by Carlsson’s SLK 340 race car, the smart race edition uses the company’s CK10 performance kit, which consists of a sport air filter and remapped ECU software, resulting in a power hike from 62 kW (84 hp) to 82 kW (112 hp) and a 38 Nm increase in torque to 158 Nm. A Carlsson exhaust system with quadruple tailpipes was also fitted. On the road 100 km/h appears in a tarmac scorching 9.9 seconds with top speed limited to a heady 155 km/h (96 mph).

Other mechanical changes include a sports spring kit providing a 15 mm drop at the front and 30 mm on the rear axle, while the factory alloys make way for Carlsson’s one-piece 1/6 Revo wheels measuring 6.5 and 7.5 x 17-inches.

Finally, there’s a new front spoiler, black grille inserts and LED daytime running lights, with interior changes including sport seats, aluminium pedals and a full leather makeover.

[Source: Carlsson]

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