Opel Insignia gets LPG option

Opel has announced that its Insignia can now be specified with an engine reworked to run on liquefied petroleum gas.

The 1.4-litre turbocharged LPG ecoFLEX engine, which develops 103 kW (140 hp), can be specified in the Saloon, hatchback and Sports Tourer station wagon variants and consumes 7.6 litres every 100 kilometres (124 g/km CO2 emissions). While that’s higher than the regular 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol Saloon’s figure (5.7 l/100 km) pricing for LPG is around 40 percent less. Another plus is the fact that LPG cars emit up to 15 percent less carbon-dioxide than vehicles with a conventional engine.

The Insignia is converted to run on LPG at the Opel Special Vehicles GmbH, with Opel’s engineers strengthening the engine valves and valve seats, remapping the ECU and fitting a 42-litre LPG tank within the spare-wheel housing. A range of up to 500 kilometres is possible on one tank of LPG, while that figure rises to an impressive 1,700 km when the petrol tank is also used.

Prices start at €28,150 in Germany for the four-door Saloon.

[Source: Opel]

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