Futuristic forvision smart revealed

smart and the chemical giant BASF have collaborated to create the smart forvision concept vehicle. Débuting at the Frankfurt motor Show, the smart forvision incorporates lightweight design, energy efficiency and temperature management.

Firstly, those organic-looking transparent hexagonal areas on the roof are solar cells, that, even in diffused light and poor light conditions generate enough energy to power the multimedia system and fans that assist with the car’s climate control. Underneath the solar cells, the super-efficient transparent OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) illuminate the interior.

Weight-saving measures have been made to the already-featherweight smart fortwo, thanks to the addition of carbon-fiber-reinforced epoxy resin doors, which – together – weigh the same as one steel door. BASF believe these items could be produced in high volumes. The Ludwigshafen-based company also designed what will be the world’s first mass production all-plastic wheel. The fitment of these alone results in a 12 Kg weight loss.

BASF also played a large part in the forvision’s heat management. The use of “e-textiles” – fabrics with conductive coatings – applies heat to where the body absorbs it the most efficiently, the middle and lower back area, thus warming the occupants more efficiently. The other climate extreme – hot weather – posed the problem of keeping the heat out. The solution was a new kind of infrared-reflective film applied to the front and side windows that helps to keep temperatures to a minimum inside the cabin. Unlike metallized films, this new material only blocks the suns infrared rays, meaning the waves needed for mobile phones and GPS etc can still pass into the car.

[Source: smart]

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